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Implementing the Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act


Uncategorized The Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (the “Revised Act”) has been adopted in Minnesota and will replace Minnesota’s current limited liability company (“LLC”) statute set forth in Chapter 322B of the Minnesota Statutes (the “Existing Statute”).  The Revised Act, which will be found in Chapter 322C of the Minnesota Statutes provides increased flexibility […] Read more →

by , , and   |   April 23, 2014


New C&DIs Contemplate Intrastate Crowdfunded Offerings

Broker-Dealer, Consumer Protection, Private Equity This week the SEC released three new Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (C&DIs) relating to Rule 147, which applies to securities exempt from registration pursuant to... Read more →

by   |   April 10, 2014


Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Legislation Signed Into Law

Uncategorized A bill has been signed into law that brings public benefit corporations to Minnesota.  The public benefit corporation is a relatively recent legal innovation that occupies a... Read more →

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Scale and Gavel

2014 Changes to the Minnesota Business Corporation Act Become Law

Public Companies and Securities The Minnesota Business Corporation Act was recently revised and the amendments have been signed into law.  Among other things, the changes: Provide for pre-clearance of documents... Read more →

by and   |   March 24, 2014