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Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Legislation Signed Into Law


Uncategorized A bill has been signed into law that brings public benefit corporations to Minnesota.  The public benefit corporation is a relatively recent legal innovation that occupies a hybrid position between a traditional corporation and a non-profit corporation.  A public benefit corporation requires directors to consider the impacts of corporate action on either all stakeholders in […] Read more →

by , , and   |   April 10, 2014

Scale and Gavel

2014 Changes to the Minnesota Business Corporation Act Become Law

Public Companies and Securities The Minnesota Business Corporation Act was recently revised and the amendments have been signed into law.  Among other things, the changes: Provide for pre-clearance of documents... Read more →

by and   |   March 24, 2014

Scale and Gavel

Alleged Securities Fraud at Dewey & LeBoeuf

Consumer Protection On March 6, 2014, the SEC brought charges of securities fraud against a handful of executives and finance professionals from the now-defunct global mega-firm Dewey &... Read more →

by   |   March 9, 2014


MN Regulation of Investment Adviser Representatives

Investment Advisers In 2013, Minnesota enacted new regulatory statutes (prior coverage here, here, and here) that require “investment adviser representatives” to register with the department of... Read more →

by   |   February 16, 2014