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Dodd-Frank Act to be Amended Again


Legislation has been passed by Congress amending the Dodd-Frank Act.  President Obama is expected to sign the legislation.  H.R. 6398 amends Section 343 of the Dodd-Frank Act to provide that deposits in so called Interest on Lawyers Trust Account, commonly referred to as IOLTAs, will be fully guaranteed by the... Read More

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First Public Company Receives Benefit of SEC Cooperation Policy—Implications for Whistleblower Claims


The first public company received credit for its cooperation as a result of the SEC’s policy with respect to cooperation in investigations and enforcement actions announced in January 2010.  The public company, Carter’s, Inc., entered into a non-prosecution agreement.  The SEC charged a former Executive Vice President of Carter’s Inc.... Read More

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SEC Proposes Permanent Rule Requiring Municipal Advisors to Register With Agency


The SEC has proposed a rule creating a new process by which municipal advisors must register with the SEC.  The proposed rule, required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, would supplant a temporary rule the Commission adopted in September. Because the Act required that these advisors... Read More

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What Directors and Public Companies Need to Know About the End-User Swap Exception


The Dodd-Frank Act broadly requires that most swaps be cleared through a derivative clearing organization.  The Dodd-Frank Act also contains an elective exception, referred to as the “end-user exception,” from the clearing requirement if one party to the swap is not a financial entity, is using swaps to hedge or... Read More

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SEC Proposes Rules on Conflicts Minerals, Mine Safety and Resource Extraction


The SEC has proposed rules on three specialized disclosures required of public companies under the Dodd-Frank Act.  Disclosure of Use of Conflict Minerals  The proposed rules mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act would require new disclosures by reporting issuers concerning conflict minerals that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo... Read More

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SEC Proposes End-User Requirements Under Dodd-Frank Act for Security-Based Swaps Exempt From Mandatory Clearing


The SEC has proposed requirements of end-users when they engage in a security-based swap transaction that is not subject to mandatory clearing. The proposed rule, required under the Dodd-Frank Act, specifies the steps that end-users must follow to notify the SEC of how they generally meet their financial obligations when... Read More

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