“True Lender” Litigation on the Rise: Recent Litigation and Enforcement Actions Challenge Traditional Bank Partnership Model


Over the last two years the financial industry has seen an uptick in litigation and enforcement actions aimed at banks and their non-bank lending partners. These actions have primarily challenged the validity of the bank partnership model that is used by many non-bank lenders to generate consumer and small dollar... Read More

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Trump Administration Plan for Financial Regulation Includes Reducing Regulatory Compliance Activities for Bank Boards


The U.S. Department of the Treasury today issued its first in a series of reports to President Donald J. Trump examining the United States’ financial regulatory system. Appendix B to the report includes 16 pages of detailed recommendations, noting which actions do not require further legislation. The action is not... Read More

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Fed Assesses First Penalty for Volcker Rule Violation


The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has assessed its first penalty for violation of the Volcker Rule against Deutsche Bank AG. The Volker Rule required Deutsche Bank’s Chief Executive Officer to annually attest to the Board of Governors in writing that the bank had in place processes to... Read More

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