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Dodd-Frank Litigation

CFTC: If Rule 10b-5 Works For the SEC, It Should Work For Us Too (And Maybe We’ll Win More Than One Case Every 35 Years)

Banking, Derivatives, Energy, Executive Compensation, Litigation The CFTC’s new anti-manipulation and anti-fraud rules are based on the SEC’s Rule 10b-5.  One CFTC Commissioner believes the new rule will end the CFTC’s nearly unanimous 35-year losing streak in this area, while another believes the rule’s lack of clarity and vagueness will cause significant confusion in the marketplace.  It looks to generate a […] Read more →

by   |   July 7, 2011

Final Rules Permit FDIC to Clawback Compensation Based on Negligence for Covered Financial Companies

Banking, Employment, Executive Compensation, Litigation The FDIC has adopted final rules which provide that the FDIC, as receiver of a covered financial company, may recover from senior executives and directors who were substantially... Read more →

by   |   July 6, 2011

Test Your Knowledge of the Whistleblower Rules

Employment, Litigation, Public Companies and Securities Consider these hypothetical facts:  Joe Ledger, an accountant at HighTech Co., an exchange traded company, finds some evidence of some mysterious transactions that occurred in... Read more →

by   |   June 2, 2011

SEC Adopts Final Whistleblower Rules

Employment, Litigation, Public Companies and Securities The SEC has adopted final whistleblower rules under Section 922 of the Dodd-Frank Act.  A controversial issue with respect to the proposed rules  was the impact of the... Read more →

by   |   May 25, 2011