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Dodd-Frank M&A

SEC Charges 13D Filers With Failure to Disclose Going Private Plans

Litigation, M&A, Public Companies and Securities It’s well known that Federal securities laws require beneficial owners to promptly file an amendment when there is a material change in the facts previously reported by them on Schedule 13D, commonly referred to as a “beneficial ownership report.”  It sounds easy to comply with, but the 13Ds can be on file for years, the […] Read more →

by   |   March 14, 2015

More Examples of Social Media in M&A Transactions

M&A, Public Companies and Securities Occasionally we see interesting uses of social media in M&A transactions (See the SEC position here, and prior examples here).  Some more recent examples are: From Zillow’s... Read more →

by   |   March 5, 2015

Exercising Drag-Along Rights After Merger Did Not Waive Appraisal Rights

M&A, Private Equity In Halpin et al v. Riverstone National, Inc., the Delaware Court of Chancery found that invoking drag-along rights against minority stockholders  after a merger did not waive... Read more →

by   |   February 28, 2015