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Conflicts Minerals Quagmire to Continue as En Banc Rehearing Requested

conflict minerals

Litigation, Public Companies and Securities Both the SEC, the loser in the most recent conflict minerals rehearing decision, and Amnesty International, an intervenor on the losing rehearing side, have asked for an en banc rehearing on the recent rehearing of the conflicts minerals decision.  The SEC’s request is here and Amnesty International’s request is here. The SEC says among other […] Read more →

by   |   October 4, 2015

resource exctraction

SEC Tells Court It Will Implement Resource Extraction Rules in 270 Days

Litigation, Public Companies and Securities As previously noted, a Federal court held that the delay in implementing the resource extraction rules violated the Administrative Procedures Act.  The court ordered the SEC to... Read more →

by   |   October 2, 2015

social media

SEC Busts Overseas Social Media Fraud

Litigation, Public Companies and Securities A settled SEC enforcement action describes an alleged interesting social media fraud.  Two defendants that reside in India were alleged to have been behind the fraud. According... Read more →

by   |   September 30, 2015


Court Says There is no Private Cause of Action to Create an SEC Whistleblower Award

Employment, Litigation, Public Companies and Securities AgFeed Industries, Inc.’s accounting irregularities culminated in a March 2014 enforcement action brought against AgFeed by the SEC.  The enforcement action yielded an $18... Read more →

by   |   September 29, 2015