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Petition Submitted to SEC for Alternative Conflict Minerals Reporting

conflict minerals

Public Companies and Securities A law firm has submitted a rule making petition to the SEC to amend the rule governing the conflict minerals disclosure on Form SD to permit, for a temporary period, an alternative disclosure. The petition states  “based upon our experience over a broad range of registrants in a cross-section of industries, at this point in […] Read more →

by   |   September 12, 2013


Current SEC Priorities Regarding Hedge Fund Managers

Investment Advisers, Litigation, Public Companies and Securities Norm Champ, the SEC’s Director of the Division of Investment Management, recently gave a speech addressing the SEC’s priorities regarding hedge fund managers. As to the JOBS... Read more →

by   |   September 12, 2013

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CFPB Warns Employers Against Exclusive Use of Payroll Cards

Banking, Consumer Protection The CFPB has published a bulletin expressing its view that employers cannot require their employees to receive wages on a payroll card. The bulletin also gives the CFPB’s view... Read more →

by   |   September 12, 2013

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FERC Chairman’s Letter to Senate Highlights FERC-CFTC Tension and a Voluntary Trader Ban in the JP Morgan $410 Million FERC Settlement

Energy This past Monday, September 9, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) posted a letter from its chairman, Jon Wellinghopf, to Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey... Read more →

by   |   September 12, 2013