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Private Company GAAP Arrives

Private Equity, Uncategorized Two GAAP alternatives for private companies have been released by FASB.  The alternatives were created by the Private Company Council, or PCC. The alternatives are: FASB Accounting Standards Update No. 2014-02, Intangibles—Goodwill and Other (Topic 350): Accounting for Goodwill, permits a private company to subsequently amortize goodwill on a straight-line basis over a period of […] Read more →

by   |   January 20, 2014

AICPA Describes Audit Procedures for Conflict Minerals Audit

Public Companies and Securities, Uncategorized The AICPA has issued additional guidance regarding the independent private-sector audit, or IPSA, which is required in some circumstances under the conflicts minerals rules. ... Read more →

by   |   January 18, 2014

How to Make a Claim Against the Madoff Victim Fund and Other Information

Uncategorized The Madoff Victim Fund, or MVF, is the vehicle that the United States Department of Justice, or DOJ,  will use to distribute more than $4 billion in assets forfeited to the... Read more →

by   |   January 17, 2014

US Capitol Building

SEC May Discontinue News Digest

Public Companies and Securities The indications are the SEC may discontinue publication of its time-honored daily News Digest.  It has not been published since mid-December.  It’s really not surprising since... Read more →

by   |   January 14, 2014