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The Dodd-Frank Act has broad and deep implications that will touch every corner of financial services and multiple other industries. This site, developed and maintained by attorneys at Stinson Leonard Street, is dedicated to making sense of this complex legislation and helping businesses understand how it will affect them specifically. Our Bloggers »

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Mary Jo White Explains Enforcement Action Decisions

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Litigation Mary Jo White, Chair of the SEC, recently explained decisions in enforcement actions to a group of white collar crime lawyers. Ever wonder why some cases draw both criminal and civil charges but others do not? Chair White talks through the progressive analysis but in the end notes “The bottom line is that the decision […] Read more →

by   |   May 19, 2014

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Unregistered Finder Settles with the SEC, Agrees to Pay Millions

Broker-Dealer, Consumer Protection, Energy, Private Equity, Public Companies and Securities The SEC recently settled an enforcement action against an individual alleged to have sold millions of dollars in securities on behalf of oil and gas companies without being... Read more →

by   |   May 16, 2014

NAM’s Next Move in Conflict Minerals Case

Litigation, Public Companies and Securities Now that NAM et al’s emergency stay motion in the conflicts minerals case has been denied, the question is what happens next.  Clues can be found in the briefing for the... Read more →

by   |   May 15, 2014

NAM Motion for Emergency Stay Denied in Conflict Minerals Case

Litigation, Public Companies and Securities The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has issued a per curiam  order denying NAM’s motion for an emergency stay of the conflict minerals rules. ... Read more →

by   |   May 14, 2014