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Office of Financial Research Studies Systematic Risk of Asset Managers


Investment Advisers The Financial Stability Oversight Council, or FSOC, decided to study the activities of asset management firms to better inform its analysis of whether—and how—to consider such firms for enhanced prudential standards and supervision under Section 113 of the Dodd-Frank Act.  FSOC asked the Office of Financial Research, or OFR, in collaboration with FSOC members, to […] Read more →

by   |   September 30, 2013


Preliminary 2014 Proxy Season Checklist (Updated December 1, 2013)

Executive Compensation, Public Companies and Securities [Note:  Updates follow the table below.]   At this time, there are relatively few new items that need to be considered for the upcoming proxy and 10-K season.  Those... Read more →

by   |   September 28, 2013

SEC logo

Mary Jo White on Criteria for Seeking Admissions of Wrongdoing and Enforcement Priorities

Litigation, Public Companies and Securities, Uncategorized In a recent speech, SEC Chair Mary Jo White spoke to the types of cases where admissions of wrongdoing might be appropriate.  According to Chair White, candidates potentially... Read more →

by   |   September 26, 2013


General Solicitation – Week One – Flying Cars and More

Public Companies and Securities It began with announcements like this from AngelList.  For just $99 plus $25 per investment, wefunder will let you create a create a “beautiful profile” and send updates to... Read more →

by   |   September 25, 2013