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Ignore the First Conflict Minerals Filing

Public Companies and Securities, Uncategorized Securities lawyers eagerly await the first (or the first few) new filings required by law to learn (and of course copy) from them.  So the first conflict minerals filing to hit Edgar last week was eagerly anticipated, and immediately over analyzed. Broc Romanek at reported reader reaction ranging from “If this is the baseline, we […] Read more →

by   |   April 27, 2014

Congressional Leaders Tell Mary Jo White to Implement Conflict Minerals Rules Now

Public Companies and Securities In a letter to the SEC Chair, Mary Jo White, Senator Edward J. Markey and a group of other Member of Congress urged the financial oversight agency to implement the rule requiring... Read more →

by   |   April 24, 2014

Implementing the Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

Uncategorized The Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (the “Revised Act”) has been adopted in Minnesota and will replace Minnesota’s current limited liability company... Read more →

by and   |   April 23, 2014

SEC Explains How to Use Twitter and Absolves Issuers of Retweets

Broker-Dealer, Public Companies and Securities Certain rules under the securities laws require certain communications be accompanied by legends.  The length of the legend meant that Twitter could not be used because the 140... Read more →

by   |   April 21, 2014