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SEC Clarifies Private Fund Investment Adviser Regulation Following Dodd-Frank


Investment Advisers, Private Equity The ABA submitted a no-action letter request to the SEC to clarify certain investment adviser registration matters following the Dodd-Frank Act with respect to private equity and hedge fund advisers.  The SEC response can be found here. Section 203(a) of the Investment Advisers Act generally provides that it is unlawful for an investment adviser to […] Read more →

by   |   January 20, 2012


GAO Report on Market Structure, Pricing, and Regulation of the Municipal Securities Market

Municipal Advisors The Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act required GAO to review several aspects of the municipal securities market, including the mechanisms for trading,... Read more →

by   |   January 18, 2012


FDIC Board Proposes Stress Testing Regulation for Large Banks

Banking The FDIC has approved a notice of proposed rulemaking, or NPR, that would require certain large insured depository institutions to conduct annual capital-adequacy stress tests.... Read more →

by   |   January 17, 2012


FDIC Board Approves Final Rule Requiring Resolution Plans for Large Depository Institutions

Banking The FDIC has approved a final rule requiring an insured depository institution with $50 billion or more in total assets to submit to the FDIC periodic contingency plans for... Read more →

by   |   January 17, 2012