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The Dodd-Frank Act has broad and deep implications that will touch every corner of financial services and multiple other industries. This site, developed and maintained by attorneys at Stinson Leonard Street, is dedicated to making sense of this complex legislation and helping businesses understand how it will affect them specifically. Our Bloggers »

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Minnesota Takeover Law, the Business Combination Statute, Going Private Transactions and Best Buy


Public Companies and Securities, Uncategorized For those of you following the Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) transaction, here is a link to our analysis of Minnesota laws which govern takeovers, including going private transactions. The outline addresses the business combination statute, the control share acquisition statute and fiduciary duties of directors of Minnesota corporations.   Read more →

by   |   August 7, 2012

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ICE Moving Cleared Energy Swaps to Futures

Derivatives, Energy The Intercontinental Exchange (“ICE”), the world’s largest OTC energy marketplace for oil, natural gas and power, has announced that it plans to transition all cleared... Read more →

by   |   August 3, 2012

SEC logo

SEC Provides Relief for Bank Holding Companies to Facilitate JOBS Act

Banking, Public Companies and Securities, Uncategorized The JOBS Act increased the threshold of registration under Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act from 300 to 1,200 persons.  The JOBS Act does not on its face provide relief from... Read more →

by   |   July 28, 2012

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CFTC Proposes Clearing Determination for Credit Default Swaps and Interest Rate Swaps

Derivatives The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has proposed new rules to require certain credit default swaps, or CDS, and interest rate swaps to be cleared by registered derivatives... Read more →

by   |   July 25, 2012