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CFPB to Propose Changes to Foreign Remittance Transfers

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Banking, Consumer Protection The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or  CFPB, expects to issue a proposal next month to refine three elements of its rule regarding foreign remittance transfers.  The proposal is expected to cover the following topics: Situations in which a sender provides an incorrect account number to a remittance transfer provider.  The proposal will address the way […] Read more →

by   |   November 27, 2012

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CFPB and FTC Warn Against Misleading Consumers with False Mortgage Advertisements

Banking, Consumer Protection The CFPB, in partnership with the FTC, is issuing warning letters to approximately a dozen mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers advising them to clean up potentially misleading... Read more →

by   |   November 23, 2012

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CFTC Staff Issues No-Action Letter Addressing Timeline for Swap Dealer Compliance with Swap Data Reporting Rules

Derivatives CFTC staff have issued a letter providing swap dealers with time-limited no-action relief from certain requirements of the CFTC’s swap data reporting rules, which are set forth... Read more →

by   |   November 22, 2012


Treasury Issues Foreign Currency Swap and Forward Exemption

Banking, Derivatives The Commodity Exchange Act, or CEA, as amended by Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to issue a... Read more →

by   |   November 21, 2012