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SEC Proposes to Expand “Test-the-Waters” Communications to all Issuers

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Public Companies and Securities The SEC has proposed new rules that would permit all issuers to solicit investor views about potential offerings to be taken into account at an earlier stage in the process than is the case today. The new rule and related amendments would expand the “test-the-waters” accommodation—currently available to emerging growth companies or “EGCs”—to all issuers, […] Read more →

by and   |   February 19, 2019

Nasdaq Clarifies and Amends Rules for Direct Listings

Public Companies and Securities Nasdaq has filed an immediately effective rule proposal that clarifies and amends Nasdaq rules that permit a direct listing without an IPO.  A December 22,2017,  Wall Street... Read more →

by   |   February 17, 2019

FASB Issues Proposal on Recognizing and Measuring Deferred Revenue in Business Combinations

M&A The Financial Accounting Standards Board issued a proposed Accounting Standards Update on the recognition and measurement of deferred revenue in business combinations. The... Read more →

by   |   February 15, 2019

Crypto Mom Warns SEC of Over Expansive Definition of Howey in Token Offerings

Blockchain Technology, Crowdfunding, Public Companies and Securities SEC Commissioner Hester M. Peirce was awarded the nick name “Crypto Mom” by digital asset aficionados in a previous speech encouraging forward thinking by the SEC in the... Read more →

by   |   February 12, 2019