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SEC Settles with Bitcoin/Litecoin Exchange Operator

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Broker-Dealer, Consumer Protection The SEC recently announced a settlement in connection with the operation of unregistered virtual-currency-based stock exchanges. The settlement is instructive as to how the SEC will evaluate crypto-currency trading platforms (spoiler alert: the same way they evaluate all other trading platforms) and also as to the benefits of full cooperation with the SEC in the […] Read more →

by   |   December 13, 2014

NYSE to Make Late Filings Rule Applicable to Form 10-Q and Defective Filings

Public Companies and Securities The NYSE proposes to amend its continued listing requirements in relation to the late filing of a company’s annual report with the SEC as set forth in Section 802.01E, or the... Read more →

by   |   December 13, 2014


SEC Commissioner Wonders Whether Harvard Violated Securities Laws

Public Companies and Securities SEC Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher and Joseph A. Grundfest, Stanford Law School, Rock Center for Corporate Governance, have just published a paper titled “Did Harvard Violate... Read more →

by   |   December 11, 2014


SEC Makes Municipal Advisor Compliance Transcript Available

Municipal Advisors On November 3, 2014, the SEC, MSRB and FINRA held a compliance outreach program for municipal advisors. The SEC has made an unofficial transcript of the event available here.... Read more →

by   |   December 9, 2014