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The Dodd-Frank Act has broad and deep implications that will touch every corner of financial services and multiple other industries. This site, developed and maintained by attorneys at Stinson Leonard Street, is dedicated to making sense of this complex legislation and helping businesses understand how it will affect them specifically. Our Bloggers »

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SEC Proposal to Require Institutional Investment Managers to Report Say-On-Pay Votes

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Uncategorized In connection with the SEC’s proposed rulemaking requiring public companies to hold say-on-pay votes as required by the Dodd-Frank Act, the SEC has also proposed rules which will require institutional investment managers to annually report their votes cast on say-on-pay and other matters.  The proposed rules implement Section 951 of the Dodd-Frank Act which is […] Read more →

by   |   October 31, 2010

Treasury Seeks Comment on Whether Currency Swaps and Forwards Should be Regulated

Derivatives The Commodity Exchange Act, or CEA, as amended by Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, permits the Secretary of the Treasury to issue a... Read more →

by   |   October 31, 2010

Gensler States Foreign Banks Subject to CFTC Rules When Dealing With US Counterparties

Banking, Derivatives In remarks before the Institute of International Bankers on October 21, 2010, CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler addressed the question on whether a foreign bank can be regulated in the... Read more →

by   |   October 31, 2010

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ISS Likely to Favor Annual Say-On-Pay Vote

Public Companies and Securities ISS announced the opening of its annual comment period for its 2011 proxy voting policies. The comment period, part of ISS’ policy development process, offers institutional... Read more →

by   |   October 29, 2010