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The Dodd-Frank Act has broad and deep implications that will touch every corner of financial services and multiple other industries. This site, developed and maintained by attorneys at Stinson Leonard Street, is dedicated to making sense of this complex legislation and helping businesses understand how it will affect them specifically. Our Bloggers »

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Dodd-Frank and SOX Whistleblower Protections

Public Companies and Securities The cooperation of corporate whistleblowers may be a crucial element of a transparent and fully accountable market place.  However,  many employees with knowledge of violations remain silent for fear of retaliation from their employers.  The Sarbanes-Oxley Act attempted to increase the number of corporate insiders willing to come forward and blow the whistle by providing […] Read more →

by   |   October 11, 2010

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Dealing With Rating Agencies After Regulation FD Change

Public Companies and Securities As noted, the SEC has removed the rating agency exemption from Regulation FD as required by Section 939B of the Dodd-Frank Act.  Regulation FD provides that when an issuer, or... Read more →

by   |   October 10, 2010

US Capitol Building

Public Companies Will Need Special Board Approval to Enter Into Non-Cleared Swaps

Energy, Public Companies and Securities Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act broadly requires many swap transactions to be subject to exchange trading and clearing requirements.  However, many end-users of swaps that use... Read more →

by   |   October 9, 2010

Dodd-Frank Corporate Governance

Say-on-Pay Issues — What to Expect this Month from the SEC

Executive Compensation, Public Companies and Securities, Uncategorized The SEC has announced that it expects to issue proposed rules on say-on-pay during October 2010.  This rulemaking is important for public companies because Dodd-Frank mandates... Read more →

by   |   October 8, 2010