CFTC to Publish All Outside Meetings Regarding Implementation of Dodd-Frank

By | September 8, 2010

In an effort to keep implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act transparent, the CFTC has begun publishing a list of all meetings with outside organizations regarding implementation of the Act. The list discloses the outside organizations and individuals and CFTC staff involved in the meeting, the rulemaking topic discussed, and the date on which the meeting took place. From the list it is evident that the CFTC has often been participating in three or more such meetings per day, often with multiple organizations in a meeting.

Yesterday, Chairman Gensler announced that:

“The CFTC is committed to promoting both market and agency transparency. As we implement the Dodd-Frank Act, we will make meetings that we have with outside organizations regarding the rule-writing process public. We also will continue publishing materials provided to the Commission by outside organizations. This commitment to open government will help promote the integrity of the rule-writing process.”

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