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It’s “Nasdaq”, not “NASDAQ”, According to Nasdaq

by   |   October 24, 2017

Nasdaq has filed an immediately effective rule change with the SEC to reflect a corporate branding change to Nasdaq’s name. Specifically, current references in Nasdaq’s governing documents and rules will be changed as follows:

  • References to “NASDAQ” will be changed to “Nasdaq”
  • References to “The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC” or “NASDAQ Stock Market LLC” will be changed to “The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC”
  • References to “NASDAQ PHLX LLC” or “NASDAQ PHLX” will be changed to “Nasdaq PHLX LLC” or “Nasdaq PHLX”
  • References to “NASDAQ BX, Inc.” or “NASDAQ BX” will be changed to “Nasdaq BX, Inc.” or “Nasdaq BX”
  • References to “NASDAQ OMX PSX” or “NASDAQ PSX” will be changed to “Nasdaq PSX”
  • References to “The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.” or “NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.” will be changed to “Nasdaq, Inc”
  • In addition to the preceding changes, all references to “OMX” will be removed from the rulebook.
  • References to “NASDAQ Options Market LLC” will be replaced with “The Nasdaq Options Market LLC”
  • References to “NASDAQ Execution Services, LLC” will be changed to “Nasdaq Execution Services, LLC”
  • In all instances where the word “the” should have been capitalized, (e.g., Rule 4758(b)(1)), the Exchange will make the appropriate correction.